Volvo S90 Momentum Trim Overview

The Volvo S90 Momentum is one of the best vehicles on the road if you’re looking for power and fuel efficiency. Most drivers love the way that Volvo has redesigned their sedans, but the Momentum is an upgrade from your typical S90. Ranked highly for its performance and convenience features, you’ll like the S90 Momentum for its turbo engine and 255 horsepower. However, it’s also the interior that drivers rave about.

With plenty of space and cargo room, you can take anything with you in this luxurious S90 Momentum trim. The tech features are all here as well, including infotainment, LCD display, WiFi hotspot, smart device integration, MP3 player, satellite radio, GPS navigation, and so much more. If you’re looking for driver assist features, the Momentum doesn’t disappoint. You’ll feel safe with sensors and cameras reporting any warnings or collision help as you drive.

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