The Sound is Crisp in the Volvo XC90

Your smartphone is able to do so many amazing things, not the least of which is play just about any audio that you can imagine. Most people use these phones to play music while others opt for audiobooks, news reports, or podcasts. No matter your particular audio cup of tea you can play it over the speakers of the Volvo XC90.

The speakers for the Volvo XC90 are designed by Bowers and Wilkins. This is a top maker of audio equipment, and it shows in this vehicle. The speakers are placed in places throughout the vehicle that allow the air to flow through perfectly and make the audio sound all the crisper and clearer.

Enjoy your audio in a vehicle that is always designed with the driver and passengers in mind. You will never again want to drive in something that does not come with all of this audio power.



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