The Volvo S60 Lets You Race Ahead the Competition

The Volvo S60 is one of the most unique popular luxury compact sedans you'll find on the market. This is largely attributed to its high-quality T5 engine, a product that allows you to combine speed with power. With the engine’s innovative management system, you won’t have to worry about ever stressing out or overworking your car. On top of this, the included supercharger gives you more torque at low revs, saving the really powerful boost for higher revs. This allows you to have control over how fast you go while also ensuring you still retain power.

Need to stop for gas? That’s no problem with the Volvo S60. With a Cap-less Fuel Filling system, fill up your car with gas by simply pressing a button and inserting the gas nozzle. The car will then use an integrated seal upon insertion to ensure the nozzle is secure!

Want to see it in person? Stop by Sullivan-Parkhill Imports, Inc. today for your own test drive!

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