Volvo XC40 Offers Impressive Safety Features

The Volvo XC40, a luxury subcompact SUV, has outpaced predictions for popularity. It is the company's most popular model globally and some showrooms are selling them as fast as they are coming in.

Some of the best features for the SUV are its safety features. Two of the prominent safety features are the 360-degree surround view camera and Bluetooth.

The camera, standard in the T4 Inscription and optional in the T4 Momentum, provides the driver with views from all angles with no blind spots. With this device, there's no guessing about when to shift lanes or back up.

Bluetooth allows the driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel and still answer important calls, send a text or get directions.

Sullican-Parkhill Imports, Inc. in Champaign, IL can give you more information about all the safety features of this vehicle. Take it for a test drive today and tell the difference for yourself.

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