The Volvo V90: A Luxury Wagon with Exceptional Versatility

The Volvo V90 is an exceptional luxury wagon that is loaded with well-rounded features. If you want to know more about the V90, let us help at Sullivan-Parkhill Imports, Inc. serving Champaign shoppers. Read on to explore the versatility features of the Volvo V90.

The Sensus Navigation System offers precise guidance with turn-by-turn directions, and you can even get help finding parking spots with this system. The Sensus Navigation System can be operated with steering wheel-mounted controls or voice-command technology. The Volvo On Call app lets you sync popular meeting spots from your calendar to the Sensus Navigation System, and you can also send points of interest from your mobile device to this system.

The standard Park Assist Camera lets you back up with peace of mind. The innovative camera that's located near the license plate sends an image of behind the vehicle to the driver's information screen. This system also comes with on-screen guiding lines that come in handy when you're backing up in a crowded area.



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